Strengthening biosecurity capacity of Palau – FAO project tcp/pl/3601/c1

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Arthur, J.R.
Miles, J.
Remengesau, I.
Aguilar, Glenn
Ambatang, R.
Sengebau, F.
Isamu, T.
Bondad-Reantaso, M.
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Ngā Upoko Tukutuku (Māori subject headings)
Republic of Palau
biosecurity protection
Arthur, J.R., Miles, J., Remengesau, I., Aguilar, G., Ambatang, R., Sengebau, F., Isamu, T., & Bondad-Reantaso, M. (2018). Strengthening biosecurity capacity of Palau – FAO Project TCP/PL/3601/C1. FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Circular No. C1171. Rome. Retrieved from
This report documents the accomplishments of Project TCP/PLW/3601/C1 “Strengthening Biosecurity Capacity of Palau”. These include: (i) preparation of the draft Aquatic Biosecurity Regulations for Aquatic Organisms (plus Annexures) and the draft Biofouling Management Regulations; (ii) the convening of a National Consultation, held 28 March 2017 in Koror, with some 30 participants representing government, the private sector and academe to discuss the draft regulations; (iii) the conduct of a Biosecurity Database Development Training Course, held 24/27 March 2017 at the National Capitol; and (iv) the preparation of a Framework for a Biosecurity Database. The report presents several lists of recommendations arising from the various project activities, the most urgent of which is that: “Recent introductions and transfers of live aquatic animals (both legal and illegal) are highly unsafe and have unnecessarily put future aquaculture development and local biodiversity at risk due to the possibility of introducing serious exotic pathogens and the possible genetic and ecological impacts of introduced and transferred species. The Government of Palau should take immediate steps to correct these practices. All introductions and transfers of live aquatic animals should be prohibited until such time as the draft Aquatic Biosecurity Regulations have been enacted and such species have been considered through the mechanisms contained therein.”
Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)
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