Linking the spaces between : an interdisciplinary media content production project for community engagement

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Williams, Jocelyn
Bhat, Ravi
Bridgman, Geoff
Donaghey, Sara
Saifoloi, Malama
Williams, Marcus
Woodruffe, Paul
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Ngā Upoko Tukutuku (Māori subject headings)
filmed stories
television production
digital content creation
community projects
collaborative research
Williams, J.E., Bhat, R., Bridgman, G., Donaghey, S., Saifoloi, M., Williams, M., and Woodruffe, P. (2014). Linking the spaces between : an interdisciplinary media content production project for community engagement. Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Annual Conference: The digital and the social: communication for inclusion and exchange(Ed.), Advanced Manufacturing and Design Centre, Swinburne University, Melbourne, 9-11 July (pp.1 - 13).
Beginning with the question “How can the process of developing, producing and disseminating community stories, interests and issues via broadcast and social sharing of digital content be used to engage and mobilise community interests in shared endeavours that will help drive social cohesion?” - research staff, production staff, students and community groups in a tertiary education institute’s urban environs are working together during 2014 to create a series of programmes for broadcast on Face TV. We are interested to assess how, in the process of creating content for wider audiences, a strategic approach to the dissemination of this content may facilitate better communication across community stakeholders and beyond. Influenced by the view that “a strong storytelling network is essential to creating effective reach, outreach, and mobilisation of residents, community organisations” (Annenberg School for Communication USC, 2013), as well as research on the uses and limitations of digital storytelling for empowerment of marginalised voices in community-based projects (Podkalicka and Campbell, 2010, Spurgeon et al., 2009), this paper explains the rationale for a multi-layered, complex methodology, the methods being used and the longer-term vision of outcomes for this type of collaboration involving a variety of shareable as well as “broadcast-able” digital content as tools in community communication strategy.
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