How medical imaging is contributing to leadership development: mBiT and the discovery of multiple brains

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Soosalu, G.
Oka, M.
Henwood, Suzanne
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Conference Contribution - Oral Presentation
Ngā Upoko Tukutuku (Māori subject headings)
mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Technologies)
head brain
gut brain
heart brain
personal success
Soosalu, G., Oka, M. and Henwood, S. (2013). How Medical Imaging is Contributing to Leadership Development: mBiT and the discovery of multiple brains. NZIMRT National Conference.
mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Technologies) is a fascinating, new and world leading development in leadership, both in leadership development approaches and in our understanding of what leadership is and how it can be maximised. Developed by Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka in Australia, but delivered first in New Zealand, mBIT offers new insight into how we can optimise both leadership and personal success. Neuroscience over the last ten years has radically changed our knowledge of the human body - both its structure and its functioning and medical imaging (in particular fMRI) is at the forefront of much of that work. It seems wholly appropriate then that as a profession we look at the applications of that knowledge as new fields emerge and evolve. This paper will present some of the neuroscience findings and share with you some fascinating facts about your three brains (head, heart and gut), raising your awareness of a whole new field that you can go on to explore in greater depth after the conference. Leadership literature is littered with calls for the need for a new approach to leadership. The increasing complexity of society and the rapid pace of change is challenging leaders to look at how they can be even more adaptive and how they can generate followers in an increasingly negative and demanding world. mBIT offers some tools and techniques to complement existing leadership styles, to transform leadership in practice. This paper will share with you current and leading edge thinking of one aspect of leadership development.
New Zealand Institute of Radiation Technology (NZIMRT)
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