Pins and needles

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Rean, Alexandra
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Master of Architecture (Professional)
Unitec Institute of Technology
McConchie, Graeme
Masters Thesis
Ngā Upoko Tukutuku (Māori subject headings)
remodeling for other use
Otago Daily Times Store (Dunedin)
Evening Star Store (Dunedin)
Harbourside (Dunedin, N.Z.)
Dunedin (N.Z.)
fashion schools
ANZSRC Field of Research Code (2020)
Rean, A. (2013) Pins and needles. An unpublished research project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Architecture (Professional).
“Buildings outlast civilisations, they evolve and they are changed, but their reuse emphasises continuity. A building can retain a remembrance of the former function and value ; it has a memory of its previous purpose engrained within its very structure.” Conservation allows us to protect and preserve buildings of heritage value to ensure they retain a significant place in our built fabric. Modes of intervention range from complete restoration to adaptive re-use. Through consideration of different conservation and adaptive reuse intervention strategies, and examination of international case studies where adaptive re-use has been practiced, this research project addresses different ways that renewal of heritage architecture can challenge a community’s opinions on the value of retaining and reinvigorating heritage buildings. It shows how these buildings, in their renewed forms, can be integrated into a modern city fabric, creating an interesting diversity of old and new. Harbourside in Dunedin is an active industrial zone with a number of under-utilised heritage buildings. ‘Urban acupuncture’ – a technique analogous to medicinal acupuncture – has been used to identify particular under-utilised buildings, which can be sensitively redeveloped to encourage their re-use and stimulate further redevelopment in the surrounding context. The programme for this project, a tertiary fashion school, is intended to expand Dunedin’s lively fashion scene. Creating a campus that includes a business start-up incubator dedicated to fashion will offer the opportunity for fashion school graduates to base themselves in Dunedin rather then moving away to larger cities. Creating a strong focus and population base within the Harbourside will encourage new businesses, such as shops, cafes and other fashion-related industries, into the area, which will also benefit the existing activities. Proposed site: Otago Daily Times store and Evening Star Store on the intersection of Devon, Cresswell and Mason Streets, Harbourside, Dunedin.
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