Stocktake of placement preparation and clinical experience for Aotearoa New Zealand student nurses in aged care settings: July 2023

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Heath, Samantha
Hudson, Susan
Aziz, N.A.
Grogan, A.
Solomon, B.
Adesina, C.
Kabbar, Eltahir
Soper, F.
Groube, J.
Philips, J.
Topp, M.
Eleno, M.
Rogalin-Henderson, M.
Page, M.
Taylor, P.
Foster, P.
Mall, Robina
Crawford, R.
Johnson, Shobha
Munro, V.
Graham, K.
Heath, K.
Crone, P.
Bunn, S.
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Journal Article
Ngā Upoko Tukutuku (Māori subject headings)
New Zealand
nursing education
nursing students
aged care
literature reviews
Heath, S., Hudson, S., Abd Aziz, N., Grogan, A., Solomon, B., Adesina, C., Kabbar, E., Soper, F., Groube, J., Philips, J., Topp, M., Eleno, M., Rogalin-Henderson, M., Page, M., Taylor, P., Foster, P., Mall, R., Crawford, R., Johnson, S., & Munro, V. (2023). Stocktake of placement preparation and clinical experience for Aotearoa New Zealand student nurses in aged care settings: July 2023. Unitec ePress Research Report Series (2023/1), 1-46, Unitec ePress, Te Pūkenga - New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology. ISSN 2357-206X
The global population is getting older. In 2019 there were 703 million people aged ≥65 years. This figure is predicted to double to 1.5 billion, or 16% of the global population, by 2050 (United Nations, 2020). By comparison, Aotearoa New Zealand is expected to see a 36% increase in people aged ≥65 years for the ten years between 2021 and 2031 (Stats NZ, 2020). Since age is the most significant predictor for the most common health conditions, and the prevalence of chronic diseases and disability is also set to increase, pressures on most healthcare services are likely to escalate (Inouye et al., 2021). The Better Later Life (2019–2034) strategy sets out key areas of action for addressing a response to our ageing population. It recognises the importance of promoting healthy ageing and improving access to services as a fundamental part of the realisation of the strategy. A key factor underpinning this action is the education of health professionals. Nurses are at the front line of healthcare and are ideally placed to respond to the changing demographic. As a profession, we need to analyse how well we are preparing nurses for undertaking the work that will be required. As educators, we need to anticipate curriculum developments which may be required to support a well-prepared profession.
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