New chorological data for the Italian vascular flora

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Rosati, L.
Fascetti, S.
Romano, V.A.
Potenza, G.
Lapenna, M.R.
Capano, A.
Nicoletti, P.
Farris, E.
de Lange, Peter
Del Vico, E.
Facioni, L.
Fanfarillo, E.
Lattanzi, E.
Cano-Ortiz, A.
Marignani, M.
Fogu, M.C.
Bazzato, E.
Lallai, E.
Laface, V.L.A.
Musarella, C.M.
Spampinato, G.
Mei, G.
Misano, G.
Salerno, G.
Esposito, A.
Stinca, A.
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Ngā Upoko Tukutuku (Māori subject headings)
Sicilia, Italy
Sardegna, Italy
vascular flora
alien species
endemic plants
new floristic records
plant diversity
ANZSRC Field of Research Code (2020)
Rosati, L., Fascetti, S., Romano, V.A., Potenza, G., Lapenna, M.R., Capano, A., Nicoletti, P., Farris, E., de Lange, P.J., Del Vico, E., Facioni, L., Fanfarillo, E., Lattanzi, E., Cano-Ortiz, A., Marignani, M., Fogu, M.C., Bazzato, E., Lallai, E., Laface, V.L.A., Musarella, C.M., Spampinato, G., Mei, G., Misano, G., Salerno, G., Esposito, A., & Stinca, A. (2020). New Chorological Data for the Italian Vascular Flora. Diversity, 12 (22), 1-28. doi:10.3390/d12010022
Despite the importance for scientific and conservation purposes, the knowledge of the Italian territory is far from exhaustive. New chorological data for 87 vascular taxa regarding the central-southern part of Italy and its two main islands (Sicilia and Sardegna) are presented. Among these taxa, Epilobium nummularifolium, Metrosideros excelsa, and Salvinia minima are recorded as casual aliens for the first time in Europe (excluding Azores and Madeira for M. excelsa), while Cyclamen balearicum and Polygala rupestris are reported for the first time and confirmed for Italian native flora, respectively. Furthermore, several taxa are new or confirmed at regional level. Finally, Lathyrus cirrhosus, Urginea fugax, and Linum tenuifolium are excluded from Italy, continental and peninsular Italy, and Sardegna, respectively.
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