Comparative analysis of public and private client values for post disaster reconstruction services

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Aliakbarlou, Sadegh
Wilkinson, Suzanne
Costello, S. B.
Jang, H.
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Conference Contribution - Paper in Published Proceedings
Ngā Upoko Tukutuku (Māori subject headings)
New Zealand
post-disaster reconstruction
private clients
public clients
contracting services
Aliakbarlou, S., Wilkinson, S., Costello, S. B., & Jang, H. (2017). Comparative analysis of public and private client values for post disaster reconstruction services. In L. Ruddock, H. Van-Dijk and C. A. M. Houghton (Ed.), Proceedings of the International Research Conference 2017: Shaping Tomorrow's Built Environment (pp. 783-793). Retrieved from
There is a common belief that continuous improvement in delivery of contracting services is to be achieved through analysing client values. The current paper aims to help contractors to provide better services to their clients by identifying key values for successful delivery of contracting services in post-disaster reconstruction projects. This study was conducted in two steps based on a review of the literature. The first step was about to identify client values for post-disaster reconstruction situations. In the second step, a comparative analysis was used to understand how the importance levels of the identified values differ between New Zealand public and private clients. A key recurring theme from this study is the recognition of the instrumental values as a key strategic variable to meet New Zealand client expectations in post-disaster situations. The study indicates that New Zealand public and private clients have similar perceptions regarding client values within post-disaster reconstruction services. Partnerships with all parties, efficiency of construction methods and techniques, security, health and safety, and willingness to use local resources are slightly more important for public clients. Also, efficient problem resolution procedures, lower contract price, providing necessary guarantees, accessibility and responsiveness are slightly more important for public clients.
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