The art of singing from the same song sheet during changes : some empirical evidence of a real live project

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Marriott, Jeff
Du Plessis, Andries
Nielson, D.
Sukumaran, Sukesh
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Ngā Upoko Tukutuku (Māori subject headings)
change management
financial management
project management
value add
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Marriott, J. R., Du Plessis, A. J., Nielsen, D., and Sukumaran, S. (2013). The art of singing from the same song sheet during changes: some empirical evidence of a real live project. International Journal of Academic Research in Management. 2 (3) : 67-82
The need of organisations to find better returns and greater utilisation through capacity management is a constant and all pervasive aspect of contemporary management. All organisations are finding that management of its assets, in all forms, is becoming an imperative that is changing the focus of all who manage and work within the organisation. The reality of this is often a shock and becomes a change process of ensuring that all concerned share the same vision, the same direction and understand the vital aspects of the performance measures that are now being utilised. This paper utilises a metaphor of a choir that must sing in harmony and concert otherwise the resulting disharmony will lose the business competition and the choir will be forced to disband. Just as a financial institution will look for the best return from its investment portfolio, a project management organisation was researched as a case study; the paper demonstrates the combination of two fields of financial management study (project management and change management) create a useful tool for gaining the support of fellow managers, and workers from different levels, and functions of the business and from various divisions to achieve the desired improvement in return of investment of assets used by the organisation
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