Uptake of offsite construction in NZ: A non-supplier viewpoint

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Masood, R.
Aliakbarlou, Sadegh
Chan, Luban
Teo, J.
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Conference Contribution - Oral Presentation
Ngā Upoko Tukutuku (Māori subject headings)
New Zealand
off site manufacture
construction industry
Masood, R., Aliakbarlou, S., Chan, L., & Teo, J. (2022, July, 14-15). Uptake of offsite construction in NZ: A non-supplier viewpoint [Paper presentation]. OPSITARA 2022 Research Symposium Proceedings, Christchurch, New Zealand
Prefabrication and offsite construction have proven globally an alternate solution for the housing crisis and skilled workforce shortage. However, the pace of adoption of this innovative construction approach is slow in comparison to other OECD countries. The perception of non-prefabricated organizations as designers and contractors has a significant role in the uptake of prefabrication. This study aims to investigate the issues along with the main benefits and challenges towards enhancing the uptake level. An online questionnaire survey was conducted to collect the responses from practitioners having prefab experience and affiliations to professional bodies. The result shows there is an increasing trend in uptake level with a focus on prefab component-based and complete buildings. The top three benefits are reduction in the overall construction schedule, better building quality and high-quality control and reduction in environmental impact. The top three challenges are lack of expertise in prefabrication design and manufacturing, extensive early project planning and design, and complex code compliance and inspection process. Many strategies were proposed to address the critical issues regarding the uptake of prefabrication. This study helps educational institutes to learn the need of the industry for skills and knowledge for prefabrication. Further, prefab producers will gain knowledge about the non-supplier perspective which is helpful for supply-driven solutions and prefab uptake framework. Government bodies will get an insight into the industry practitioners' perspectives to formalise the policies and programmes.
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