Innovative food packaging, food quality and safety, and consumer perspectives

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Yan, Mary
Hsieh, Sally
Ricacho, Norberto
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Ngā Upoko Tukutuku (Māori subject headings)
food packaging
packaging design
barrier films
green products
consumer-driven product development
Yan, M.R., Hsieh, S., & Ricacho, N. (2022). Innovative food packaging, food quality and safety, and consumer perspectives. Processes, 10, 747. doi:10.3390/pr10040747
Packaging is an integral part of the food industry associated with food quality and safety including food shelf life, and communications from the marketing perspective. Traditional food packaging provides the protection of food from damage and storage of food products until being consumed. Packaging also presents branding and nutritional information and promotes marketing. Over the past decades, plastic films were employed as a barrier to keep food stuffs safe from heat, moisture, microorganisms, dust, and dirt particles. Recent advancements have incorporated additional functionalities in barrier films to enhance the shelf life of food, such as active packaging and intelligent packaging. In addition, consumer perception has influences on packaging materials and designs. The current trend of consumers pursuing environmental-friendly packaging is increased. With the progress of applied technologies in the food sector, sustainable packaging has been emerging in response to consumer preferences and environmental obligations. This paper reviews the importance of food packaging in relation to food quality and safety; the development and applications of advanced smart, active, and intelligent packaging systems, and the properties of an oxygen barrier. The advantages and disadvantages of these packaging are discussed. Consumer perceptions regarding environmental-friendly packaging that could be applied in the food industry are also discussed.
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