Fabricating place

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Durrant, Myles
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Master of Architecture (Professional)
Unitec Institute of Technology
McPherson, Peter
Patel, Yusef
Masters Thesis
Ngā Upoko Tukutuku (Māori subject headings)
Waitākere (N.Z.)
New Zealand
public spaces
digital fabrication
Panuku Development Auckland
construction technology
ANZSRC Field of Research Code (2020)
Durrant, M. (2021). Fabricating place. (Unpublished document submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Architecture (Professional)). Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand. https://hdl.handle.net/10652/5762
RESEARCH QUESTION How can digital fabrication methodologies aid in the production of early placemaking developments? ABSTRACT New Zealand cities are experiencing large growth throughout the country. Local government bodies are expanding cities outwards, and densifying existing city centres. However, these projects require years of planning, approvals, funding, and finally construction to accomplish. There is an opportunity to explore early placemaking strategies to re-activate existing communities and to promote growth of new developing communities. Henderson Central is undergoing the planning stages of Panuku’s “Unlock Henderson” scheme. This research aims to understand and apply placemaking principles to develop an urban strategy to re-activate and promote social engagement in the interim. There is a growing importance for public spaces that promote social, cross-cultural, and inter-neighbourhood interaction during a time of increase digital distractions and covid-19 related social seclusion. Growing accessibility to digital design tools and fabrication technologies such as CNC and laser cutter provide the opportunities to explore the production of bespoke architectural placemaking interventions. The use of digital tools provides the opportunity to customize and personalize readily available building materials to produce cost-effective design solutions. This research seeks to explore the opportunities created by digital fabrication methodologies to produce an urban placemaking solution. Placemaking strategies will inform the underlying urban issues, planning, and urban design solution for the Henderson area. Digital fabrication methodologies will inform the formal design and production of various interventions in response to the placemaking proposal. These interventions in conjunction with placemaking philosophies can provide high-impact cost-effective early placemaking solutions prior to larger more time intensive urban developments. SITE: 5 Trading Place, near Waitakere Library / Unitec Library, New Zealand
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