Learnings from a collaborative academia –construction sector bespoke study programme – a reflective case study

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Kestle, Linda
Laing, Neil
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Ngā Upoko Tukutuku (Māori subject headings)
New Zealand
construction industry
construction education
construction management (CM)
innovative thinking
organisational learning
Kestle, L., & Laing, N. (2018). Learnings from a collaborative academia –construction sector bespoke study programme – a reflective case study. Educating building professionals for the future in the globalised world. 42nd AUBEA CONFERENCE 2018 , Vol. 1 (pp. 77-86).
The construction industry is known as a competitive, fragmented and often adversarial work environment. Maintaining high levels of productivity and profitability within such an environment frequently requires a diverse range of skills and experience. Published research investigating the application of integration, collaboration, and organizational learning has demonstrated that leveraging these concepts can begin to address fragmentation, increase integration and encourage innovative thinking thereby providing the opportunity for productivity gains within the construction industry. Two years ago a first tier New Zealand commercial construction company approached a tertiary provider to consider tendering for its management training programme. The primary aim was to focus on introducing the principles of lean construction and integrated project delivery to over 300 middle management onsite construction staff over the next 5 years. The company wanted a delivery approach that would have the greatest possible impact on staff in terms of engagement and knowledge transfer. A bespoke training programme of study was developed and delivered collaboratively with the company, for 50 managers in 2016 and another 50 in 2017. The tertiary provider drew on the latest innovations in construction education, and combined that with the partnered company's culture vision for the wider sector potentially. Feedback has been positive and constructive from the construction company partner, the programme participants and the academic staff on the programme
Australasian University Building Educators Association (AUBEA)
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