mBIT Coaching for Leadership : Coaching the head, heart and gut brains

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Soosalu, G.
Henwood, Suzanne
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Ngā Upoko Tukutuku (Māori subject headings)
Brain Integration Technique Coaching (mBIT Coaching)
Soosalu, G., and Henwood, S. (2013). mBIT Coaching for Leadership: Coaching the head, heart and gut brains. Rapport. 36 : 14-15.
Have you ever had clients who suffered from conflict between their thoughts, feelings and actions? Or who sabotage their dreams, goals or plans? Do you ever have clients struggle to make decisions or can’t seem to change old habits? Or clients who feel like something is missing and they’re not fully connected with their deepest inner self? Then chances are your clients are not fully aligned and using the power and innate wisdom of their multiple brains – the brains in their head, heart and gut. You see, when coherently aligned, the head, heart and gut produce an incredible congruence and an emergent wisdom that allows people to deeply tap into intuitions and competencies that you simply can’t get from the head brain alone. This is the experience of multiple Brain Integration Technique Coaching (mBIT Coaching) and the process of mBraining. ... The importance of this to the fields of coaching, training and leadership is two-fold. First, it’s crucial that all three intelligences are accessed and incorporated into the decision-making process. Without the head intelligence, the decision will lack thorough analysis. Without the heart intelligence, there will be insufficient values-driven emotional energy to prioritise actions required. Without the gut intelligence there will be insufficient managing of risks and reduced motivation to persist against challenges.
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