Impact of change management on professional staff training and development in New Zealand educational institutions : a case study

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Anjani, Rajnish Purnima
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Master of Business
Unitec Institute of Technology
Nel, Pieter
Masters Thesis
Ngā Upoko Tukutuku (Māori subject headings)
New Zealand
educational institutions
staff training
staff development
organisational change
change management
Anjani, R. P. (2017). Impact of change management on professional staff training and development in New Zealand educational institutions: A case study. An unpublished dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Business, Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand.
The world of educational institutions appears to be immersed by the waves of change. Change is important for organisations in growing highly competitive educational environments. To survive and sustain the powerful forces of change such as economics, politics, demographics, religion and technology, New Zealand educational institutions have proactively transformed the way they do business in the student learning environment. Educational institutions demand new knowledge, skills and behaviour from their staff. Training and development has assisted education institutions to manage the rapid change effectively and create a skilled workforce, thus improving institutional performance. Staff are a key resource for any educational institution. This dissertation presents the findings of the study that was conducted to explore the impact of change management on professional staff training and development, particularly New Zealand based educational institutions. The research project deployed a qualitative approach to investigate the perspective of professional staff in a few educational institutions regarding change management, and training and development. The research was framed up using two research questions. To answer the research questions, this research used information publicly available on educational institution’s website. Using the online staff feedback and comments, analysis and interpretation of the information was done to answer the research questions. The research project analysed professional staff feedback and comments particularly from those educational institutions which had undergone change management in recent years. The findings highlight the significance of training and development for professional staff. The key themes revealed that education institutions which had valued and implemented training and development as part of the business plan, the professional staff were motivated, competent, better performers and providing quality services to staff and students. On the other hand, the institution had high staff retention, good reputation and brand name that attracted professional staff to stay longer with the institution. The study concluded that educational intuitions are able to implement change management processes more positively as training and development made a difference in staff perception. Moreover, educational institutions are able to better manage change and envisage new possibilities and opportunities for professional staff through training and development. The findings of this research could provide useful information for educational institutions. It can continue to develop more opportunities and meet professional staff expectations. Overall, this research study confirms that importance of training and development in educational institutions, particularly in terms of contributing to a positive organisational climate and an enhanced organisational reputation. 1. How do educational institutions manage professional staff training and development,after going through a change management process? 2. What would be the distinctive advantage for educational institutions to have well trained and developed professional staff in the institution?
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