Evaluating efforts to promote diverse sexuality and gender inclusivity at a tertiary institution

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Gremillion, Helen
Powell, Catherine
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Conference Contribution - Oral Presentation
Ngā Upoko Tukutuku (Māori subject headings)
Unitec Institute of Technology
ALLY Network at Unitec
diversity education
gender diversity
sexual diversity
utilisation-focused evaluation
diverse sexuality and gender (DSG) identities
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Gremillion, H., & Powell, C. (2019, December). Evaluating efforts to promote diverse sexuality and gender inclusivity at a tertiary institution. Paper presented at the Sociological Association of Aotearoa New Zealand Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.
This article presents findings from a mixed-method, utilisation-focused evaluation of an education workshop on diverse sexuality and gender (DSG) inclusivity offered at Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand. Workshop completion enables participants to make a public commitment to DSG inclusivity by joining Unitec’s ALLY Network. A questionnaire was designed to ascertain whether workshop participation achieves the following outcomes: increased awareness of systemic discrimination and greater confidence to act in ways that promote DSG inclusion. The study also draws on findings from semi-structured interviews with current ALLY members. Data analysis included testing the statistical significance of differences between participants’ responses to pre-workshop questions and their responses to identical questions posed post-workshop (these questions were answered using Likert-type scales). Narrative data were analysed thematically. Findings indicate that the ALLY workshop is effective in achieving its goals. Emergent themes highlight areas of significant learning and growth for workshop participants as well as particularly valuable workshop practices and conditions. This study addresses a gap in the literature on evaluations of DSG diversity education and provides evidence supporting the continuation – and the informed, potential expansion – of a unique initiative within a New Zealand tertiary provider. ... DSG identities include, but are not limited to transgender, tangata ira tane, fa’afafine, gender fluid, agender, lesbian, gay, bisexual and asexual.
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