Learning for the long haul: Developing perceptions of learning affordances in CALL teachers

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Haines, Karen
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Conference Contribution - Oral Presentation
Ngā Upoko Tukutuku (Māori subject headings)
language teaching
teacher education
CMC technologies
Haines, K. J. (2013). Learning for the long haul: Developing perceptions of learning affordances in CALL teachers. Proceedings of WorldCall 2013, Global perspectives on Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Glasgow, Scotland(Ed.)
This presentation reports on an investigation into situated teacher learning and their developing understandings of the affordances of new computer-mediated communication (CMC) tools. In-service teachers need to identify the affordances that a new tool offers for language learning in order to make decisions about which technologies they will choose to support their teaching practice. While general typologies of affordance have been identified for technology use in learning, the kinds of affordance that language teachers perceive in technology have not been specified. Sixteen tertiary teachers in Australia and New Zealand were interviewed over a period of fourteen months with reference to the knowledge they acquired around the use of new technologies in their classrooms. The term ‘learning affordance’ was coined to describe ways in which teachers perceived use of CMC tools promoted language learning in the classroom. Participants identified that new tools allowed students to engage not only with the traditional content of language learning (language skills and learning about the L2 culture) but also to engage with the processes of learning language (in relation to communication, affective factors and autonomy). Teachers also saw affordances for their teaching in relation to these areas. Implications for in-service teacher development include supporting participatory activities for on-going teacher learning such as inquiry, observation and reflection.
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