Healthy Deaf Mind Seminar Series. Feedback summary and analysis. Coalition of Deaf Mental Health Professionals, Auckland.

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Bridgman, Geoffrey
Sainsbury, C.
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deaf people with mental health needs
deaf development
Māori deaf people
Bridgman, G., & Sainsbury, C. (2016). Healthy Deaf Mind Seminar Series. Feedback Summary and Analysis. Coalition of Deaf Mental Health Professionals, Auckland. Auckland: Coalition of Deaf Mental Health Professionals.
The Healthy Deaf Minds Aotearoa conference took place in Auckland (20th), Wellington (24th) and Christchurch (30th) in November 2015. 196 people attended across the 3 venues including a small group of CDMHP members who ran the events, and helped to facilitate 2 panel sessions. THIS REPORT This report provides a brief overview of conference, and presents a summary of attendees feedback, gathered via feedback forms, which were distributed and completed on the day, and 2 facilitated panel sessions. The feedback form was designed by conference hosts CDMHP to elicit delegates perspectives on the value of the day, areas where they would like further information, and priorities for Deaf mental health service development. A questionnaire from Dr Brendan Monteiro’s (the guest speaker) work place, St Georges Healthcare, in the UK was also distributed to gauge attendees views on the relevance, quality, and delivery of his presentations. The rating scales used to measure attendees understanding of each topic before and after each presentation have been included in this report. WHAT WAS HEALTHY DEAF MINDS AOTEAROA ABOUT? The principle aim of conference was to provide the opportunity for attendees to come together and learn about the needs of Deaf people with mental health needs, and more specifically, in the criminal justice system. Exploration of Deaf development, mental illness and recovery in the Deaf world context provided a shared learning platform through which Deaf people, practitioners and service commissioners could develop their respective knowledge. The importance of culture and communication in attaining positive treatment outcomes was a central theme throughout the day.
Coalition of Deaf Mental Health Professionals
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