Report of the data from the 2018 year of the Jade Speaks Up Pilot

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Bridgman, Geoffrey
Dyer, E.
O'Hagan, A.
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Ngā Upoko Tukutuku (Māori subject headings)
Auckland (N.Z.)
Bay of Plenty (N.Z.)
Jade Speaks Up (Violence prevention programme)
primary students
secondary students
violence prevention programmes
Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)
New Zealand
ANZSRC Field of Research Code (2020)
Bridgman, G., Dyer, E., & O'Hagan, A. (2019). Report of the Data from the 2018 year of the Jade Speaks Up Pilot. Auckland: Violence Free Communities.
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Speaks Up, a teacher-led programme that gives Year 4 to 8 school children practical and relational strategies, emotional literacy and self-agency tools to develop trusting relationships, build resilience and keep themselves safe from bullying and family violence. In 2018 we quadrupled engagement of students in school years 4 to 6 to 41.5%, reducing the average age to 10.5 years, 9 months younger than the 2017 cohort. . There were also 17% more Māori participants (now 39%) and 14% fewer Pacific Island participants (now 27%) along with 15% Asian/African and 19% Pākehā/European. The 2018 data set had the same number of schools as in 2017, but they were smaller schools with less classrooms (33 vs 50), less students (863 at pre-test vs 1106; 813 at post-test vs 666); and less attrition (496 at follow-up vs 482) The 2018 pilot shortened the three online student evaluation questionnaires and had only one control group (class as usual). A new short evaluation measure drawn from ClassMAP (Doll, Spies, Leclair, Kurien & Foley, 2010) was included to enquire about children’s perspectives of the class environment. We also asked teachers about their values underpinning their work. There were also several modifications to the manual and teacher resources
Violence Free Communities
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