• Searching for play in Early Childhood Care and Education policy 

      Alcock, Sophie (Springer, 2013)
      Children (and adults) across all cultures play in culturally reflective ways (Goncu & Gaskins, 2007; Rogoff, 2003). Play is one of the most interesting characteristics of groups of children. Despite play being a preoccupation ...
    • Toddlers' complex communication: playfulness from a secure base 

      Alcock, Sophie (Symposium Journals, 2013)
      Attachment theory is presented in this article as involving embodied relational prcoesses within complex relational systems. Two narrative-like 'events' are re-presented to illustrate very young children playfully relating ...
    • Young Children Being Rhythmically Playful: creating musike together 

      Alcock, Sophie (2008)
      This article explores young children’s rhythmic, musical, aesthetic and playful creative communication in an early childhood education centre. Young children’s communication is musically rhythmic and social. The data, ...

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