• The assessment of self-access language learning : practical challenges 

      Reinders, Hayo; Lázaro, Noemí (Routledge, 2008-05-12)
      Self-access centres are a popular type of language support offered by an increasing number of schools and universities around the world. Assessment of the learning that takes place in such Centres is seen as both crucial ...
    • Innovation in self-access : three case studies 

      Lázaro, Noemí; Reinders, Hayo (Asia-Pacific Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning, 2007-01)
      This article reports the findings of a study into the use of technology in three self-access centres. It is based on the results of an earlier study that applied an evaluative framework to compare the use of technology in ...
    • The state-of-the-art of self-access in New Zealand : results of a SWOT analysis. 

      Lázaro, Noemí; Reinders, Hayo (TESOLANZ Inc, 2007)
      Self-access centres form an important part of language education in New Zealand. A recent study (Reinders et al., 2003) showed that all tertiary providers in the country offered some form of self-access language learning ...

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