• Engaging children with educational content via gamification 

      Nand, Kalpana; Baghaei, Nilufar; Casey, John; Barmada, Bashar; Mehdipour, F.; Liang, H.N. (Springer Open, 2019-07-18)
      Gamification is the application of game mechanisms in non-gaming environments with the objective of enhancing user experience. In this paper, we investigate the effectiveness of gamification in an educational context, i.e. ...
    • Train-for-life (T4L): an interactive learning platform for logistics, safety and security professionals 

      Barmada, Bashar; Baghaei, Nilufar (SpringerOpen (part of Springer Nature), 2018-10-03)
      The ageing workforce and the changing nature of jobs make it critical for education providers to include life-long learning skills and training provisions for adult learners already in the workforce. Learning a topic online ...

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