• Evaluating mobile games for diabetes education 

      Baghaei, Nilufar; Nandigam, David; Casey, John; Direito, Artur; Maddison, R. (Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education, 2015-12)
      Mobile games can be effective, evidence-based, and motivating tools for the promotion of children's health. Traditional method for diabetic education relies heavily on written materials and there is only a limited amount ...
    • The three R's of the success case model - Recruitment, response, rigour 

      Piggot-Irvine, Eileen; Marshall, Steven; Aitken, Helen (Australasian Evaluation Society, 2009-01-01)
      An argument against employment of the Success Case Study methodology is that it promotes optimistic and potentially uncritical findings. This paper advances that in the authors’ experiences the latter has been substantially ...

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