• Innovative learning opportunities with virtual reality game development 

      MacCallum, K.; Parsons, David; Crow, T. (2019-05)
      This article outlines a case study of a team of secondary school students creating a commercially deployed immersive Virtual Reality (VR) game as part of their learning. Given the limited amount of relevant literature on ...
    • Navigating learning worlds 

      Parsons, David; Inkila, Milla; Lynch, J. (2017-05)
      Research context The reality continuum Pedagogical issues Tools used: Actionbound, Google Expeditions, Google Tour Builder (Beta) Results Physical accessibility The extent of world knowledge Scripts and ...
    • Teacher perspectives on augmented reality : the potential of Metaverse for learning 

      MacCallum, K.; Parsons, David (International Association for Mobile Learning (IAmLearn), 2019-09)
      Augmented Reality (AR) assumes that virtual content is intermediated between the viewer and the real world, but the extent of that intermediation, and the ways in which it is intended to enhance the real-world experience, ...

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