• The metamorphosis of pictorial space (as experienced in a painting practice) 

      Vaughan, Adrienne (2012)
      This practical and written research investigates abstract painting and its intrinsic relationship to pictorial space throughout the course of Modern Art. Influenced by the spatial and decorative qualities of Eastern art, ...
    • The nuances of human stories and the language of paint 

      Stewart, Jean (2012)
      Embedded within both the process and the finished works is the notion of the everyday. These paintings are painted in the garage and constructed from things left over from everyday life or within reach of the subject matter, ...
    • Visual storytelling & journeying 

      Grieben, Theresa (2014)
      Illustration is a medium that can enhance and interpret storytelling. When part of sequential art, like comics or graphic novels, it can effectively communicate ideas using specific visual conventions. This masters by ...

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