• Boundaries in architecture 

      Chalmers, Joseph (2013)
      This research project sets out to establish interpretations of the architectural boundary and addresses a focal point of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie. The architectural boundary is considered a term implying division, ...
    • Introducing client collective housing in a medium‐to‐high density development around the CBD of Auckland 

      Nitsche, Cornelia (2011)
      This paper is drawn from the question of how a medium density building development combined with the introduction of a pro‐active client collective scheme can be a future role model for the New Zealand country, predominantly ...
    • Reuse: The lifecycle of buildings in New Zealand 

      Ninas, Claudia (2011)
      Since our environment is partly proof of our history, it needs to be protected and maintained. Beyond this cultural value most existing buildings have, there are environmental and often economic benefits that should not ...

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