• Cross-cultural healing : An architectural response to Maori urban healthcare 

      Callis, Kaitlyn Elizabeth (2014)
      As an exchange student, New Zealand was uncharted territory, both culturally and environmentally. With a growing interest in the people and place affected by architectural design, I decided a project deeply rooted in the ...
    • Ora 'life' : the healing of our nation 

      Putua-Kainuku, Vaikaʻi (2019)
      RESEARCH QUESTION: How can architecture stimulate a holistic environment that incorporates traditional methods and cultural values of healthy living in the Cook Islands? ABSTRACT: The Cook Islands translation for Ora ...
    • Oranga tonutanga : sustained Māori wellbeing 

      Metcalfe, Kelsey Raiha (2020)
      RESEARCH QUESTION: How can a wellbeing facility promote urban Māori Identity and wellbeing? Sub questions: How has colonisation and urbanisation impacted Māori Wellbeing and architecture? What are the determinants ...

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