• Architecture by us not without us 

      Hoskins, Raoul (2017-05-26)
      Māori Architecture in a Post Colonial context • Exploration of traditional construction technologies • Restoration and redevelopment of Marae environments • Māori engagement in the urban public realm
    • Bi-cultural architecture 

      Austin, Michael; Pedlow, Ginny (2015-07)
      Aotearoa/New Zealand is a bi-cultural country. There have been attempts to design buildings with this is mind, the most well known example being the National Museum (Te Papa). This contains pre-European Maori buildings, ...
    • Ether : an atmosphere of possibility 

      Francis, Kerry (2016-06)
      This paper explores a period of architectural student culture in the early 1970s in Auckland, New Zealand, and its influence on New Zealand architecture. The 1971 AASA (Australasian Architecture Students Association) ...
    • Papakāinga 2014 

      Hoskins, Raoul (2014-10-31)
      Contact Period Papakāinga Village as refuge Depression Housing Post WW2 Māori Affairs Housing Marae based Māori Affairs Housing Current Māori Housing Patterns… Whare Nikau – Puatahi Marae 2006 Contact Period ...
    • Urbanisation : a Māori counter response 

      Hoskins, Raoul (2016-11-14)
      Te Pooti Marae remains as part of a previously much larger Māori settlement located on the right bank of the Whanganui - New Zealand’s longest navigable river * Home of the Ati Haunui a Paparangi tribe * The village ...

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