• Erysichthon 

      Tiongson, Gabriel (2018)
      I have always been attracted to the asymmetrical, the uncanny, the mutated, the deviation, and the odd. These preoccupations were made manifest through my drawing practice. Friends, family, and acquaintances would often ...
    • No hem: Handling deviance in inhabited worlds 

      Ripley, Danae (2021)
      RESEARCH QUESTION: How can figurative painting promote a sense of stillness in a contemporary context of institutional uncertainty and accelerated social change?” INTRODUCTION: Tugging tribulations are described in ...
    • Urbanize 

      Walsh, Tira (2018)
      Painter Tira Walsh remembers the introduction to technology in the school’s curriculum in the late 90’s. The intrigue in this manipulative tool for creating hybrid images combined with an engagement in a discussion of ...

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