• Compatibility of measuring simple reaction time in individuals using computerized and fingertip visuomotor methods 

      Gutnik, B.I.; Lyakh, V.; Gierczuk, D.; Nash, Derek (2016-12)
      Many studies of the reaction time (RT) expressed this index as the interval between the time of signal detection and the beginning of motor response. Reaction time is widely used in various fields of science and practice: ...
    • Programming around the jewels : threshold concepts in physical education 

      McCall, Nichola; McKay, Anne; Thompson, Kylie (2016-07)
      How did we end up here? Wanted to think differently about course design – What is a ‘physically educated’ student? Concerned about an over-reliance on standards for course design Curiosity around scholarship (esp. ...
    • When do I get to lead? 

      Ferkins, Dr Lesley; Emerson, Sue (2015-10)
      Research aim: To investigate the concept of informal and distributed leadership opportunities as a method of increasing accessibility to leadership for students within secondary schools.
    • When do I get to lead? 

      Ferkins, Dr Lesley; Emerson, Sue; Gambolati, Rob (2018-11)
      Research aim: To investigate student perceptions of accessibility to leadership within the secondary school context. Is it equitable?

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