• Being (back) there : travel sketches that evoke a previous temporality 

      Rennie, Julian (AP2 Open Access Journals, 2020-12-30)
      During the recent Covid-19 lockdown I stumbled upon an sketchbook of my first trip overseas to the USA (in 1986). More particularly my month long stay in Manhattan, (where one didn’t need a car to get around). Within this ...
    • A delicate balancing act 

      Foote, Hamish; Griffiths, Pete (Unitec Institution of Technology, 2016)
      This paper examines a bicultural approach to the development of planting strategies for landscapes and asks the question: In what ways can vegetation help to create a bicultural landscape? The case studies discussed include ...
    • Drawing as a fundamental tool for thinking in landscape architecture 

      Griffiths, Pete (2015)
      This paper considers the role of drawing and representation as a tool for capturing the more ephemeral aspects of the landscape. These aspects include ideas about change, chance and transformation. The importance of ...
    • The emergence of a green network for a future regional Auckland 

      Wang, Xinxin; Bradbury, Matthew (Unitec Institute of Technology, 2015-11-11)
      This paper discusses how a green network for regional Auckland could emerge from a close study of both the ecological and social forces at work in contemporary New Zealand urbanism. The paper begins by reviewing the ...
    • The ethics of place-making : how landscapes lie 

      Irving, Daniel; Vincent, Ian J. (2013-11-12)
      Expertise in the ‘Nature-isation’ of urban environments marks an important shift in 21st Century urbanism. In a scramble to rebrand urban design as “sustainable” and “green”, Landscape Architects have attempted to claim ...
    • Hīhīaua : a Unitec Landscape / Architecture Studio 

      Bradbury, Matthew; Wang, Xinxin; Byrd, Hugh; Melchiors, Lucia (Unitec Institute of Technology, 2017-11-21)
      In 2015 Whangārei District Council initiated the development of an urban strategy document for the development of the city centre. The Hīhīaua Peninsula was identified as a site for a waterfront development. The proposed ...
    • In the public realm 

      Davies, Renee (AGM Publishing Ltd. & New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects, 2014)
      Renée Davies attended the 51st IFLA World Congress 'Thinking and Action ; Earth, Home and Landscape of Places' in Buenos Aires, Argentina and encountered a rich platform of ideas and inspiration.
    • Landscape and cultural exchange [: landscapes of prophecy] 

      Graham, Tosh; Wake, Sue (Unitec Institute of Technology, 2015-11-11)
      This paper proposes the use of prophecy as an investigative tool for landscape analysis and explores how it could produce more culturally meaningful landscape outcomes. It investigates the relevance of indigenous prophecy ...
    • Onehunga waterfront and climate adaptation : a Unitec Landscape/Architecture studio 

      Wang, Xinxin; Melchiors, Lucia; Bradbury, Matthew (2021-03-18)
      This paper discusses the potential of a landscape/architecture student joint studio to develop design strategies for a waterfront development that adapts to the environmental challenges of climate change. The authors ...
    • Revealing the Rainforest - discovering the dynamic interchange between landscape and culture 

      Davies, Renee; Butler, Rachel; Ting, Fiona; Steiner, Vanya (Unitec Institute of Technology, 2014)
      Landscape architecture embodies the symbiotic relationship between society and environment and this human-nature interaction is manifest at its most profound within those places that are referred to as cultural landscapes. Within ...
    • What is bottom-up design? 

      Ting, Fiona; Griffiths, Pete (Unitec Institute of Technology, 2015)
      There is a substantial body of research that points to energy descent (1,2,3,4,5). In lieu of this, other significantly different forces could drive a number of changes to current thinking in landscape architecture. Examples ...
    • Wild spirits : the remarkable heritage of Waikumete Cemetery is very much alive, in its joyous array of wildflowers 

      Davies, Renee (Fairfax Magazines, 2014-02)
      The burst of colour that comes with spring is much anticipated by gardeners, and when that patch of colour is found outside the garden boundary – in an entirely unexpected place – the pleasure seems somehow intensified. ...

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