• Future nursing workforce: pathways to aged care nursing? 

      Heath, Samantha; Mall, Robina; Williams, Pam; Jackson, Ruth; Johnson, Shobha; Graham, Gil (2020-12-07)
      We are all getting older New Zealand's population prediction to 2052 Registered nurses The Academy Future nursing workforce Aim and objectives Stages of the Project Results of analysis Aged care : top of mind Narrative ...
    • Quit for Good Follow up Study 2018-2020 

      Hikuroa, Evelyn; Tuivaiti, C.; Lambert, E. (2020-10-09)
      Background: nurses mandated to help people quite smoking Māori and smoking : Māori nurses smoke more than other nurses - what help can be offered? Quit for Good 2014 - Offer help as students Quite for Good Follow up ...

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