• Agricultural robot 

      Patel, M.; Singh, G. (2021-12)
      INTRODUCTION Agricultural robot design and construct for the field and green house Robot use for weed detection and spraying Pesticides which is operated by Remote Control OBJECTIVES The goals are the requirements ...
    • Assessment of grease traps used in food services sector in Auckland 

      Rishna, B.; Mahmood, Babar (2020-12-07)
      Fat, oil and grease (FOG) deposits in sewer systems is becoming a serious concern water industry. These deposits can come from both domestic and commercial wastewaters. Watercare has reported that 70% of the sewer blockages ...
    • Assessment of grease traps used in the small-scale food Industry: a pilot study 

      Mahmood, Babar; Bogati, R. (Unitec ePress, 2021-12)
      Fat, oil and grease (FOG) deposits in sewer systems are becoming a serious environmental concern for infrastructure engineers and council managers. These deposits can come from both domestic and commercial wastewater. Water ...
    • Co-relation of wind power generation and weather in New Zealand 

      Palapati, Suresh; Ardekani, Iman; Bahadornejad, Momen (2020-12-07)
      In this study, the generation data from April 2018 to March 2019 were sourced for this study from 4 wind farms across NZ are selected with weather stations close.
    • Development of circuit cooperate with condenser microphone and amplifier with detecting the sound directly 

      Lai, Anthony; Look, Morgan; Holmes, Wayne; Sidhu, Deepinder; Yan, Ashley (2020-10-09)
      The paper aims to design circuit of detection sensor with condenser microphone to minimize water leakage. Water leakage is a significant problem in all pipeline network. The concept of sound detector has been further ...
    • Dirty electricity : a literature review 

      Kar, Amruta; Bahadornejad, Momen (2020-10-09)
      Introduction "Clean” electricity enters buildings at a frequency of 50-60 Hz "Dirty electricity” refers to electromagnetic energy that flows along a conductor and deviates from a pure 50-60-Hz sine wave o High-frequency ...
    • Dsposal or treatment: future considerations for solid waste from the construction and demolition industry 

      Wallis, Shannon (2020-10-09)
      Construction & demolition waste Construction, demolition and excavation waste Waste disposal options Hazardous waste Landfill disposal Future of landfill technology Landfill failures Treatment optios - chemical & ...
    • Effectiveness of catalytic converters on older cars on New Zealand roads 

      Bakmeedeniya, Anura; Chand, Prabhat; Kudin, Roman (2021-12)
      RESEARCH RATIONALE  Road transport is one of the major contributors to the environmental pollution.  There are many sources and types of substances emitted by road transport, but for the vehicles with the internal ...
    • Forecasting public housing tender price in Auckland market 

      Chen, Aurora (2021-12)
      Background Problem statement Research questions: • What are the factors affecting the accuracy of public housing’s tender price? • How much impact does each factor have on the accuracy of public housing tender ...
    • Hyperspectral NIR imaging of plant material 

      Holmes, Wayne; Look, Morgan; Lai, Anthony; Sidhu, Deepinder (2020-12-07)
      This study looks at the classification of plant species and components using Hyperspectral cameras in the Near Infrared region of the spectrum as part of a move towards precision agriculture. The NIR region of the ...
    • Impact of Covid-19 on the NZ electricity sector 

      Nicholson, Glenn; Bahadornejad, Momen (2020-12-07)
      • What was the impact of Covid-19 lockdowns on electricity demand? • What effect did this have on the electricity system? • How did the electricity sector respond? • How did the NZ impact and response compare to other ...
    • Microwave moisture levelling of lucerne chaff 

      Holmes, Wayne; Look, Morgan; Sidhu, Deepinder; Lai, Anthony; Nicholson, Glenn (2020-12-07)
      This project has seen the development of a low cost method of microwave drying of lucerne chaff prior to packaging and distribution. Lucerne has long been used as a high protein food source for livestock in particular for ...
    • Multiscale wind power generation prediction 

      Palapati, Suresh; Ardekani, Iman; Bahadornejad, Momen (2020-10-09)
      OBJECTIVE: • To come up with good forecast model for Wind Power Generation for hour and day ahead . • As NZ is looking at increasing the share of wind power from 5% towards 20%. • The increase towards 20% will cause ...
    • On-chip peripheral control of ultra-compact spectrometer 

      Look, Morgan; Holmes, Wayne; Sihu, D.; Lai, Anthony (2020-10-09)
      Spectrometers are found in applications where substances are classified through analysis of relative light reflection, transmission or fluorescence, commonly used in food, medicine and lighting applications. The Hamamatsu ...
    • Plastic minimisation construction project 

      Kestle, Linda; Berry, Terri-Ann; Hernandez, G.; Day, A.; Burden, S. (2020-12-07)
    • The response of the Auckland construction industry to recent technological changes 

      Kerai, U.; Kiroff, Lydia; Sharma, Rashika (2020-12-07)
      Aim of research Overview Technology uptake in the industry Research questions: (How does the Auckland construction industry respond to recent technological changes?) Research design Research findings Questionnaire ...

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