• Climate change and the multidisciplinary studio 

      Wang, Xinxin; Melchiors, Lucia; Bradbury, Matthew (2021-12-07)
      Problem Response Studio model (Architecture + Landscape architecture) Design outcomes Understand the relationship between the effects of climate change and urban development Identify appropriate climate adaptation ...
    • Project Pātūtū : pre-fabricated timber and straw panels 

      Hall, Min (2020-10-09)
      “Pātūtū draws on the idea of shelter, of walls, the process of creating a screen (against the elements) and the process of stacking some thing on top of the other..." A short history of straw bale construction Why use ...
    • Thermal performance and indoor air quality in new, medium density houses 

      Birchmore, Roger; Berry, Terri-Ann; Wallis, Shannon; Hernandez, G.; Tsai, Steve (2021-12-06)
      Medium density house Lounge kitchen dining comparisons Bedroom comparisons Average hourly temperatures -bedrooms Particulate matter PM 2.5 VOC results Conclusions