• Learning to mitigate emissions : relevance of research with Maori hapu and iwi 

      Cherrington, M.; Cherrington, M.; Airehrour, David; Dunn, I.; Xu, Q.; Cameron-Brown, D. (Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, 2020-11)
      Currently, there is insufficient research on how New Zealand can achieve environmental sustainability through Māori iwi (tribe) and hapū (subtribe) relationships with land and sea, via the Zero Carbon Act. It is now agreed ...
    • Segregation of foraging areas by breeding tākapu/ Australasian Gannets Morus serrator in the Hauraki Gulf 

      Adams, Nigel; Gaskin, C.; Lukies, K.; Whitehead, E. (2022-02)
      RESEARCH QUESTIONS How do tākapu partition the gulf resource? Topgraphically constrained Are there favoured forgaing areas? How persistent are these? Do individual tākpau show patterns to foraging? Do ...
    • Tākapu (Australasian gannets) in the Hauraki Gulf 

      Adams, Nigel; Lefort, Marie-Caroline; Gaskin, C.; Boyer, Stephane; Landers, T.; Ismar. S. (2019-11-30)
      Objectives • i) to describe diet of gannets and underpinning trophic interactions upon which gannets depend • Inner Huaraki Gulf • Outer Huaraki Gulf • ii) to test if and how the gannet in the Gulf might partition ...

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