• 5D BIM in a consulting quantity surveying environment 

      Harrison, Curtis; Thurnell, Derek (Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MoBIE), 2014)
      BIM is triggering a revolution in the construction industry, and the concept known as 5D BIM, which ultimately is concerned with a cost dimension being added to objects contained within the BIM model, has the potential to ...
    • Development of a multi-purpose breakwater reef at Maqai Eco Surf Resort, Qamea Island, Fji 

      Mead, Shaw; Phillips, David; Prime, Arama (Engineers Australia, 2013)
      A breakwater/reef and channel/lagoon development has been designed to alleviate the current ecological damage of the coral reef flat and lagoon, and the health and safety hazards involved with access to the Maqai Eco Surf ...
    • Lyall Bay coastal remediation 

      Phillips, David; Mead, S.; Emeny, M. (2017-06)
      An investigation has been undertaken at Lyall Bay in Wellington to propose options with regard to protecting the natural and built coastal infrastructure and reinstating a functional dune. Lyall Bay is an important ...

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