• Modelling the performance of a diffusion absorption refrigeration system 

      Yousuf, Noman; Biteau, E.; Anderson, T.N.; Gschwendtner, M.; Nates, R. (2015-04-25)
      The diffusion absorption refrigeration cycle was first identified nearly a century ago but until relatively recently its application had been limited to niche cooling applications such as camping refrigerators. The diffusion ...
    • Predicting the pumping characteristics of multiple parallel tube air-lift pumps 

      Yousuf, Noman; Anderson, T.N.; Gschwendtner, M.; Nates, R. (2016)
      Air-lift pumps have begun to receive a high degree of attention due to the absence of mechanical components and the potential for their use in renewable energy applications. One of the principal challenges of the air-lift ...

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