• A reconfigurable data-path accelerator based on single-flux quantum circuits 

      Kataoka, H.; Honda, H.; Madipour, Farhad; Yoshikawa, N.; Fujimaki, A.; Akaike, H.; Takagi, N.; Murakami, K.J. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2014-03)
      The single-flux quantum (SFQ) is expected to be a next-generation high-speed and low-power technology in the field of logic-circuits. CMOS as the dominant technology for conventional processors cannot be replaced with SFQ ...
    • A survey on big data processing infrastructure: evolving role of FPGA 

      Nunna, K.C.; Madipour, Farhad; Trouve, A.; Murakami, K.J. (InderScience Publishers, 2015)
      In today’s commercial world, information is becoming a major economic resource thus leading to a statement - Information is wealth. It is a technical challenge for computer systems in managing and analyzing the large volumes ...

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