• What conflict of interest? 

      Finlayson, Patricia (NZ Lawyer, 2013-03)
      It is probably fair to assume that most, if not all, directors understand the concept of limited liability – although, I suspect that many mistakenly believe that that applies as much to directors as it does to shareholders. ...
    • What the future holds for New Zealand organisations from a human resource perspective 

      Hawkins, Roger (Institute of Interdisciplinary Business Research, 2010-12)
      Global pressure on organisations to stay competitive requires change. Stakeholders are demanding quality and cost effective products while competitors demand level playing fields and governments require efficiency fairness ...
    • Workforce Cost Effects On Productivity, Quality And Satisfaction In Organisations 

      San Diego, Jojo; Du Plessis, Andries; Nel, Pieter (2013)
      Retaining employees definitely saves an organisation money, and workforce planning could assist in retention of employees. Global pressure on organisations to stay competitive necessitates change while stakeholders demand ...

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