• Communicating social change : politics and immigrants 

      Cruickshank, Prue (Unitec ePress, 2014-12-22)
      Immigration is a complex, dynamic global phenomenon which impacts irrevocably on both immigrants and the receiving society. Immigration policies, reflecting governments’ political and economic intentions, significantly ...
    • All the suffering on our backs : rugby, religion and redemption amid the ruins 

      Cass, Philip (Unitec ePress, 2014-12-22)
      New Zealand’s All Black rugby team is a national icon, an affirmation of the manly, self-reliant and resilient virtues which New Zealanders like to think they possess. In times of national peril, economic uncertainty and ...
    • Press, politics and people in Papua New Guinea 1950-1975 

      Cass, Philip (Unitec E-Press, 2014-05-29)
      [PNG] newspapers show an expatriate population expressing attitudes that were often at variance with official policy and out of sympathy with the needs of the indigenous population. It sometimes shows us what the indigenous ...
    • Manipulation that we now take for granted 

      Cass, Philip (173, 2012)
      Reviews and discusses the book 'Media and Terrorism', a book which looks at the relationship between the media and the current ‘war on terrorism.’
    • Not the perfect solution, but at least some hope 

      Cass, Philip (Auckland University of Technology, School of Communication Studies, Pacific Media Centre, 2006)
      Philip Cass discusses and reviews two books; Al-Jazeera: How Arab TV News Challenged the World by Hugh Miles and The Al Jazeera Phenomenon by Mohamed Zayani

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