• Noise removal and binarization of scanned document images using clustering of features 

      Farahmand, Atena; Sarrafzadeh, Hossein; Shanbehzadeh, J. (Newswood and International Association of Engineers, 2017-03)
      Old documents are in printed form. Their archiving and retrieval is expensive according in terms of space requirement and physical search. One solution is to convert these documents into electronic form using scanners. The ...
    • Skew detection of scanned document images 

      Rezaei, , Sepideh Barekat; Sarrafzadeh, Hossein; Shanbehzadeh, Jamshid (Newswood Ltd., 2013)
      Skewing of the scanned image is an inevitable process and its detection is an important issue for document recognition systems. The skew of the scanned document image specifies the deviation of the text lines from the ...

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