• Acoustic features of dysphonic speech vs normal speech in New Zealand English speakers 

      Erfanian Sabaee, Maryam; Sharifzadeh, Hamid (Computing and Information Technology Research and Education New Zealand (CITRENZ), 2021-07)
      This poster presents the acoustic features of distorted speech in three dysphonic New Zealanders compared to three healthy individuals as the control group. There are a total of six subjects in this study. Voice onset time ...
    • Phonated speech reconstruction using twin mapping models 

      Sharifzadeh, Hamid; HajiRassouliha, Amir; McLoughlin, I.V.; Ardekani, Iman; Allen, Jacqueline E. (IEEE Communications Society, 2015-12)
      Computational speech reconstruction algorithms have the ultimate aim of returning natural sounding speech to aphonic and dysphonic individuals. These algorithms can also be used by unimpaired speakers for communicating ...

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