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    Promoting kaitiakitanga using picturebooks.
    (New Zealand Council for Educational Research, 2023) Fernando, Chedly; Kelly-Ware, Janette
    Kaitiakitanga is promoted in the revised curriculum document Te Whāriki—He Whāriki Mātauranga mō ngā Mokopuna o Aotearoa: Early Childhood Curriculum (Ministry of Education, 2017). The authors give primacy to the Māori world-view of sustainable living through engaging with, and protecting, the natural environment. This article reports on a picturebook research project designed to support teachers to explore kaitiakitanga with young children in early childhood education settings. Two Aotearoa New Zealand picturebooks are featured, curriculum links are proposed, and feedback from a small sample of teachers about the picturebooks and curriculum links is reported. Picturebooks are powerful teaching tools and can provoke learning across the curriculum, as this research highlights.
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    Nurturing young children to be guardians of nature using picturebooks.
    (2023-06-22) Kelly-Ware, Janette; Fernando, Chedly
    ‘Kaitiakitanga’ an indigenous concept about respecting and appreciating the natural environment is emphasised in Te Whāriki, the Aotearoa New Zealand early childhood education curriculum (Ministry of Education, 2017). Teachers are expected to encourage children to be ‘kaitiaki’ (guardians) through “...regular opportunities to connect with the wider natural environment and with materials drawn from nature” (p.50). These early learning experiences in nature can be supported and reinforced using picturebooks which can act as mirrors and windows on the world. As mirrors they can reflect children’s own lives, and as windows they can give children a chance to learn about the lives of others including non-human others. The illustrations in quality children’s picturebooks can be mirrors and windows showing that art can be used as a dialogue. Chedly’s postgraduate research that Janette supervised focused on analysing recently published picturebooks that promote sustainability and kaitiakitanga, and surveying teachers about their responses to the selected books.
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    Interaction during transnational online learning: tertiary student and lecturer perspectives.
    (Otago Polytechnic Press, 2023) Youard, Elizabeth
    This small-scale research study sought to answer the question: How do tertiary students and lecturers perceive interaction during transnational online learning? In doing so, the research aimed to identify ways to promote interaction in transnational online learning.