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    Disruption as a way forward : resilience and adaptation to prepare bakery students for the future
    (ePress, Unitec | Te Pūkenga, 2023) Remacle, Noel
    Ever since the first humans accidently mixed grains with water to ferment dough, the bakery profession has embraced social, cultural and political disruptions to advance its understanding and practices. During the last five years, the Level 5 Bakery Programme at Toi Ohomai has employed project-based learning (PBL) pedagogies to create real-world learning environments and provide baking students with 21st-century skills. In March 2020, Covid-19 created significant disruptions to this learning environment, with the programme and its learners being forced to quickly pivot their traditional practices to ensure contemporary and pedagogically responsive learning continued. Here, I discuss anecdotal findings around PBL and the work-ready preparedness of bakery students in a post-Covid landscape, with broader implications for PBL environments and responsive pedagogy.