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    Newmarket Arts Trust: A brief history (2004–2021)
    (Unitec ePress, 2021-12-16) Haigh, David; Unitec Institute of Technology
    BACKGROUND The Newmarket Arts Trust (NAT) was formed in 2004. The original trustees were a mixture of people involved in the art world –– myself –– Sue Haigh (no relation to the author, local resident and active member of the Newmarket Park Beautification Group) –– Deborah White (owner of Newmarket gallery Whitespace) –– Joy Tongue (owner of Newmarket gallery Studio of Contemporary Art) [...] The trust was established by the Newmarket Business Association (NBA) and was tasked with promoting arts, especially public art in the Newmarket area – roughly the area within the boundary of the old Newmarket Borough Council and now the boundary of the NBA. I had been closely involved in establishing the NBA and ensuring that the Newmarket area had a special Mainstreet rate that was devolved by Auckland City Council (ACC) to the NBA. These special rates were essential in funding a regular and substantial part of the costs of future artworks. NAT is a community organisation registered with the Charities Commission. Its constitution includes the following purposes: –– Promote art and culture in Newmarket –– Establish and support a Newmarket art and culture fund to commission works and promote the arts –– Purchase artworks for public display in Newmarket –– Encourage public art in all new developments and redevelopments in Newmarket –– Encourage artists to set up in the Newmarket community
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    Interview with Joan Lardner-Rivlin
    (Unitec ePress, 2020-12-17) Haigh, David; Unitec Institute of Technology
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    Research report : youth volunteering in Auckland, 2019
    (Unitec ePress, 2020-12-17) Haigh, David; Unitec Institute of Technology
    PREFACE: This research was sponsored by Volunteering Auckland (VA). It is part of their wider research into volunteering by young people (13 to 18 years). Previous work carried out by VA showed that at the age of 18 years volunteers are able to carry out leadership roles. Youth volunteering is reinforced by links with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award and the William Pike Challenge. Girls tend to volunteer more readily than boys, who may be caught up with sport, which is promoted by schools. Also noted was the tendency towards micro volunteering that is short-term and one-off. Young people’s growing concern for the environment, climate change and human rights resulted in volunteering
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    First-year student achievement, attendance, and demography at NorthTec’s Bachelor of Applied Social Work Programme : a quantitative inquiry
    (Unitec ePress, 2020-12-17) Dang, A.; Unitec Institute of Technology
    This paper reports on a quantitative inquiry into student achievement, attendance and demography and their correlations in the first year of an undergraduate social work degree at NorthTec, Whangārei, New Zealand. Data on student achievement, attendance and demography across year one papers from 2016 to 2019 were used for trend and correlation analysis to address the research aim. The study found correlations between attendance and achievement are significant and consistent while correlations between demographic factors and achievement are not. The research supports existing literature documenting the relationship between attendance and achievement. It calls for changes in programme delivery, particularly attendance requirements and student support, at NorthTec to engage students better in the programme.