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    Grow. Adapt. Thrive: How must undergraduate healthcare curricula regenerate to support an aging population?
    (2022-08) Heath, Samantha; Philips, J.; Williams, Pam; Johnson, Shobha; Mall, Robina; Unitec, Te Pūkenga; Te Pūkenga
    Population prediction to 2052 Future healthcare workforce? Small scale study The Academy Stages of the project Aged care: Top of mind Results analysis - Aged care vs other specialities Insights Grow. Adapt. Thrive References and acknowledgements
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    Peeping into the sensory world by kaiako working with autism
    (2023-11) Afrin, Tahera; Mason, T.; Perez, K.; Bagherian, S.; Unitec, Te Pūkenga; Oaklynn Special School (Auckland, N.Z.); Glowkids (Auckland, N.Z.)
    Purpose Whakatauki Research background: Whakaaro behind the whakaaro Research methodology Research questions: 1. What does the existing literature inform kaiako about working with Autism? 2. How can the knowledge from the existing literature assist kaiako to bridge the gap between themselves and autistic learners? 3. What practices can we encourage to celebrate our autistic learners in ECE settings and in school? Findings: What does the existing literature inform? Neuromotor achievements and difficulty Strategies to support Takiwātanga sensory needs Strategies to support Takiwātanga awareness needs People, behaviours and feelings Obscure learner identity Practices (NELPs )
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    Preliminary findings: Future nursing workforce
    (2022-11) Grogan, A.; Solomon, B.; Adesina, C.; Kabbar, Eltahir; Sopar, F.; Groube, J.; Philips, J.; Graham, K.; Topp, M.; Eleno, M.; Page, M.; Taylor, P.; Crone, P.; Mall, Robina; Crawford, R.; Johnson, Shobha; Munro, V.; Hudson, Susan; Aziz, Joseph
    Centre for Research in Education for Health Care Professionals November 2022 Whitinga Fellowship MBIE/TeApārangi Royal Society Backgound Future healthcare workforce? Stocktake of aged care curriculum Snapshots Conclusions Student perceptions of aged care Observations Next steps
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    Developing a collaborative and cooperative delivery network
    (2023-02) Wilson, Hugh; Unitec, Te Pūkenga
    What? Cooperation vs collaboration Why? Our vision for the future How? Communities of practice What? Content delivery Questions/Comments/Disagreements
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    The management of aged care clinical experience for New Zealand student nurses
    (2022-12) Heath, Samantha; Grogan, A.; Solomon, S.; Adesina, C.; Kabbar, Eltahir; Soper, F.; Groube, J.; Philips, J.; Graham, K.; Heath, K.; Topp, M,; Eleno, M.; Page, M.; Taylor, P.; Crone, P.; Mall, Robina; Crawford, R.; Munro, V.; Unitec, Te Pūkenga; Te Pūkenga
    Funding: MBIE Science Whitinga Fellowship/Te Apārangi Royal Society A collaborative research project between 13 New Zealand polytechnic institutes offering nursing programmes Setting the scene in NZ The different aspects of the aged care curriculum Where do NZ polytechnic students gain aged care clinical experience? What educational experiences are provided in aged care? At what stage of nursing education does this happen? Most NZ polytechnic nurses learn to care for older adults in an aged residential care (ARC) facility in year one. Closing comments as we move to a NZ-wide approach