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    Managing social media in sport
    (Sage Publishing, 2015) Scott, Olan; Bruffy, Katherine; Naylor, M.; Unitec Institute of Technology; University of Canberra; Auckland University of Technology
    In 2013, sport comprised just 1% of television content, yet nearly half of all Tweets produced during that period were sport related (Nielsen 2014). Other social media is used extensively in conjunction with sport consumption as well. It is more important than ever for sport organizations and athletes to prioritise these platforms in an overall marketing strategy. SNSs have profoundly impacted how fans access information and interact with their favourite teams. Social media has enabled organizations across the sport industry to have an unfiltered voice in the marketplace. The majority of content is no longer vetted by journalists, editors or producers. Sport organizations have responded to this change by incorporating SNSs into their communications, promotion, and sponsorship strategy. As this relatively new communication platform evolves, it is important for those involved in the management and marketing of sport to understand some of the key issues that have arisen from the utilization of social media. In this chapter the reader will be introduced to various ways in which sport organizations use social media to build a brand, develop relationships with stakeholders, and market products and services