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    Preliminary findings: Student nurse perceptions of working in aged care
    (2022-12) Heath, Samantha; Grogan, A.; Solomon, B.; Adesina, C.; Kabbar, Eltahir; Sopar, F.; Groube, J.; Philips, J.; Graham, K.; Topp, M.; Eleno, M.; Page, M.; Taylor, P.; Crone, P.; Mall, Robina; Crawford, R.; Johnson, Shobha; Munro, V.; Hudson, Susan; Aziz, Joseph
    Centre for Research in Education for Health Care Professionals November 2022 Whitinga Fellowship MBIE/TeApārangi Royal Society Backgound Future healthcare workforce? Stocktake of aged care curriculum Snapshots Conclusions Student perceptions of aged care Observations Next steps
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    Learner engagement with where-to-next feedback in early tertiary studies
    (ePress, Unitec|Te Pūkenga, 2023-11-29) Afrin, Tahera; Kearns, Nick; Robertson, Craig; Unitec, Te Pūkenga; Te Pūkenga
    Learners on the New Zealand Diploma in Business are early tertiary learners and do not perform as well as it is believed that they should. In addition, there is a disparity between ethnicities and age groups. This study researched the use of where-to-next (WTN) feedback as a possible tool to address this disparity and prepare learners better for future study and employment. WTN uses focused feedback directing students to specific areas of improvement and is therefore effective (Hattie & Timperley, 2007). It also enables rich and motivational dialogue between faculty and learner (Elbra-Ramsay, 2022), which is especially effective in respectful classroom environments (Zhou et al., 2021). The qualitative phenomenological study proved that WTN is a useful tool; however, due to environmental demands on some learners’ time, some learners did not take up the opportunity to engage with the feedback.
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    An early childhood education lens on the practice of reflection in Aotearoa New Zealand
    (ePress, Unitec|Te Pūkenga, 2023-11-29) Afrin, Tahera; Bishop, Pauline; Unitec, Te Pūkenga; Te Pūkenga
    Reflection is a well-researched concept in the field of education. However, the authors find the book resources are limited in terms of current practice in early childhood education (ECE) within the context of Aotearoa New Zealand. With the aim to develop a book chapter at a later stage, the authors conducted a literature review to understand the concept of reflection in teaching. The review has significance as it revealed unique concepts of reflection within the context of Aotearoa New Zealand for the sector of early childhood education. Informit was used and an advanced search was carried out between 2017 and 2022. About 40 peer-reviewed full-text articles were found. The articles were then reviewed to understand the nature and value of documented reflection. The themes that emerged from the literature search were related to 1) theories and professional development; 2) domain knowledge; 3) practice of kaiako (teachers); and 4) ECE settings. The findings from these four categories are discussed with a critical lens to indicate areas that could be important in the day-to-day practice of a kaiako, and to suggest including voices that may be missing in the current literature. The article also emphasises the importance of taking the reflections beyond an educational setting.
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    Evidence of interference competition between the invasive plague skink and a native skink
    (2022-12-09) Wells, Sarah; Barr, B.P.; van Winkel, D.; Unitec, Te Pūkenga; Te Pūkenga
    Competition between species Types of interspecific competition Plague skinks (Lampropholis delicata), Does the plague skink compete with native skinks Examining behavioural interactions Results Conclusions
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    Working towards effective organisations: Identifying and validating high performance of prospective CEO and board members
    (2022-12-08) Robertson, Craig; Wessels, Antoinette; Unitec, Te Pūkenga; Te Pūkenga
    The conversation with top executive recruiter Lombard Finance and Investments, MainZeal, Fletcher Building The importance of CEOs and board members The importance of CEO individual characteristics The literature review The issue lies with selection - literature review and resulting study The aim of this study  Methodology Reference list