Welcome to Research Bank, our public research repository that includes research produced by students and staff while affiliated with Unitec, Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT), Otago Polytechnic, Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) and Toi Ohomai. It is intended to facilitate scholarly communication and shared access to our research outputs.

  • Communicating ethical messages in motion graphic design to Generation Z 

    Hien, Pham Thi Minh (Helen) (2021)
    RESEARCH QUESTION: How can motion graphic design communicate ethical messages to raise the awareness of plastic waste pollution among Generation Z in Vietnam? ABSTRACT: Motion Graphic practice has since the early ...
  • Workbench 

    Silva, Ethige Subashi Chrismali (2020)
    RESEARCH QUESTION: How can the User-Centred Design practices inform the development of resources that enhance the creative confidence of professional teams? ABSTRACT: This research project is an exploration of how ...
  • No hem: Handling deviance in inhabited worlds 

    Ripley, Danae (2021)
    RESEARCH QUESTION: How can figurative painting promote a sense of stillness in a contemporary context of institutional uncertainty and accelerated social change?” INTRODUCTION: Tugging tribulations are described in ...
  • An investigation into motivating and demotivating factors affecting employees’ productivity in the Lao banking industry 

    Sayyavong, Naphalay (2021)
    RESEARCH QUESTIONS: What are the significant motivating and demotivating factors which influence employees of the state-owned commercial banks in Laos? Sub-research questions: 1. From the employees’ perspectives, ...
  • A framework for analysis and comparison of deepfakes detection methods 

    Wang, Changjin (2021)
    With the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence), people can already utilise Deepfakes technology to generate fake pictures and videos increasingly. Similar to all technologies, while bringing benefits, this technology also ...

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