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  • Effectiveness of the Breaking Ground programme in transforming parenting skills and practice 

    Wong, M.; Beekmans, T.; Taliaoa, F.; Oades, L. (Unitec ePress, 2021-11-18)
    The Breaking Ground programme was an 18-month pilot programme to support families and parents in a mana-enhancing process while developing parenting skills and practices, focused on intensive family intervention. Practitioners ...
  • Weaknesses in the U.S. dairy supply chain exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic 

    Gao, S.; Stewart, James (2021-06-18)
    Research questions: 1. Identify which parts of the dairy industry supply chain failed, and find out the reasons for the failure and describe the impact 2. Suggest how can companies avoid or minimize these risks
  • Piki Toi: Micro credit app design 

    Woodruffe, Paul (2021-05-28)
    PIKI TOI: A brand that has been established to promote and market artworks created by those who have experienced homelessness. Runs workshops and stages exhibitions within the central city area. THE PIKI TOI APP ...
  • The Piki Toi 

    Woodruffe, Paul (AP2 Open Access Journals, 2020)
    Piki Toi is a project that seeks to create artist/poet role models and heroes from within a marginalised community who have experienced homelessness and incarceration, who can go on to inspire others to acknowledge their ...
  • Creating appreciation and community support for mothers caring for a child with an anxiety disorder 

    Shaw, Kristi Lee (2021)
    RESEARCH QUESTIONS: 1. What are the stories of parents’ lived experience caring for a child with an anxiety disorder; especially in relation to coping, stabilising factors, hopes for the future, and taking action? 2. ...

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