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  • Dirt under our fingernails: Daylighting waste at the Dome 

    Budgett, Jeanette (enigma : he aupiki, 2022-03-29)
    [...] How might this “productivist bias” be countered by taking erosion, breakdown and decay as our starting points? In this article I explore this possibility with respect to a controversial proposed landfill in Dome ...
  • The role of VET teachers in the future 

    Maurice-Takerei, Lisa; Anderson, Helen (2021-09)
    Introductory ideas 'Invisible' work The reform of VET in Aotearoa A role for VET teachers VET teachers Teaching in VET Skills and knowledge required Practices that lead to health quality teaching A professional ...
  • People of the city: Observing but also being observed 

    Kim, Young Kyung (Kyle) (2022)
    RESEARCH QUESTION How can a sense of public life be enhanced through architecture? ABSTRACT Public urban space has always been the essential element to consider in creating opportunities for socialising and allowing ...
  • Disruption in the classroom: When hands on becomes hands off 

    Heath, Samantha; Perry, Amanda; Kabbar, Eltahir; Palfreyman, Sue (2022-07-01)
    New Zealand’s lockdown response during the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted the vocational education sector. Teachers were required to make a rapid transition from familiar, face-to-face teaching and learning to ...
  • Five new additions to the lichenized mycobiota of the Aotearoa / New Zealand archipelago 

    Marshall, Andrew; Blanchon, Dan; Aptroot, A.; Lücking, R.; de Lange, Peter (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany, 2022-06-27)
    As part of ongoing studies of the lichenized mycobiota of the Aotearoa / New Zealand archipelago we provide formal documentation of the occurrence of Alyxoria ochrocheila, Anisomeridium anisolobum, Fissurina dumastii, ...

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